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President orders extension of Trunojoyo Airport runway

VOI NEWS 11.00 LOCAL TIME, GMT+7, 09-10-2017

President Joko Widodo known as Jokowi who started his visit on the island of Madura in Sumenep, East Java, on Sunday (8/10), instructed Indonesian Minister of Transportation to extend the aiports runway so that Trunojoyo Airport could be used by larger planes. This was conveyed by the President since the Madura Island with its four million inhabitants has economic potential and its people have high traveling mobility to various destinations. According to the Deputy for Protocol, Press and Media of the President’s Secretariat Bey Machmudin, President appreciated the Ministry of Transportation which has extended the runway of Trunojoyo Airport from 1,100 meters to 1,600 meters so that ATR-class commercial airliners have been able to land since last week. On several occasions, President Jokowi asked the government to focus on completing connectivity with the acceleration of infrastructure development of roads, bridges, ports and airports. He again reminded the importance of inter-island connectivity as well as within the island. He said that transport connectivity should always be developed. (Antara)

Land certification reduces disputes: Jokowi

Indonesian President Joko Widodo known as Jokowi when distributing land certificates to people in Madura, East Java on Sunday (8/10) said that he believed land certification would reduce land disputes that have often happened in the country so far. He said disputes occurred because people had no certificates as evidence for their land ownership. President Joko Widodo added, after they have, no others can claim ownership. Disputes may happen not only with neighbors but also with the government or companies. There are a lot of cases of land disputes. But if one has had this certificate no other party will be able to claim it. On the occasion President Joko Widodo asked those who have had certificates to take care of the document well. President Joko Widodo had also ordered the ministry of agrarian and spatial order affairs/BPN to immediately finish land certification in the country. So far only 400,000 to 500,000 certificates could be finished in a year but this year the president had asked Minister Sofyan Djalil to finish up to five million certificates. (Antara)

Minister: Investments in the Industry Sector Improves

The Indonesian Government recently recorded a 2.80 percent capital investment increase in the industrial sector. The domestic investment value increased from Rp50.70 trillion on the first semester of 2016 to Rp52.22 trillion at the same semester of 2017. Indonesian Minister of Industry Airlangga Hartato is optimistic that the growth of the national industry during its second semester will bring better results. He said in a recent press release that coinciding with the implementation of several economic packages issued by the government. He explained that the domestic capital investment in the industry sector contributed 40.15 percent from the total domestic investment for the first semester of 2017 which equated to Rp129.80 trillion. Meanwhile, foreign investments in the industrial sector contributed to 45.43 percent during the first semester of 2017. Airlangga is optimistic that the deregulation package that was issued by the government will be able to create a conducive investment climate which will eventually facilitate industry players’ businesses in Indonesia. He is committed to improving the growth of non-gas and oil industry, which has hugely contributed to the national economy. (Tempo)

Number of Mt. Agung Evacuees to Lombok Rises

West Nusa Tenggara Disaster Mitigation Agency head H Muhammad Rum said that the number of Mt. Agung evacuees to Lombok has increased. He explained that based on the latest data the number of refugees up to Sunday has reached 105 families or 376 people. He continued that hundreds of refugees are spread across Mataram City, West Lombok Regency, North Lombok Regency, and East Lombok Regency. But most of them displace to Mataram. He added that the evacuees from Bali have been coming since Mt. Agung located in Karangasem Regency was announced entering the highest alert on Friday, September 22nd.They gradually came to Lombok. Some entered through Lembar harbor in West Lombok Regency, and some even took a boat from Bali to North Lombok Regency. The evacuees, Rum added, did not stay on refugee posts, but they stay in their relatives’ houses with reasons of safety and convenience. West Nusa Tenggara welcome the evacuees to stay in shelters which have provided and yet they chose to stay at their relatives’ houses. (Tempo)

Indonesia Targeting Semifinal in BWF Junior Championship 2017

Indonesia was targeting to reach semifinal in the Badminton World Federation (BWF) Junior Championship 2017. That was stated by Indonesian Team Manager Susi Susanti in a press conference in Yogyakarta, on Sunday (08/10). According to Susi Susanti, the Indonesian junior athletes have great spirit to give their best for Indonesia, but she did not want to burden them.

“In Asia Junior Championship, we had the opportunity to be the Asian winner, but we did not have that fortune. We try to make it a lesson and we hope to be much better in this junior world championship. So our target is at least, we reach the semifinal, so that the young athletes can fully concentrate one by one. We are trying not to overburden them, although all of the athletes want to give their best for Indonesia. We certainly hope to achieve the best” said Susi Susanti.

Susi Susanti further said, Indonesia has three leading categories in BWF Junior Championship 2017, namely women's single, women's double, and mixed double. Previously, Indonesia had beaten Spain to host the international junior class badminton event. BWF Junior Championship 2017 is held at Among Rogo Stadium, Yogyakarta, on October 9-22 2017. (steve/edit r)


Al-Azhar University Graduates Called to Spread Moderate Islam

260 Al-Azhar University students from 10 countries including 148 Indonesian students were graduated at Azhar Convention Center (ACC), Cairo on Sunday (8/10). They consisted of graduates and post graduates. After attending the graduation ceremony of Al-Azhar University, Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia in Cairo, Helmy Fauzy, expressed hope that the Indonesian graduates on their return to Indonesia could develop Al-Azhar's concept to develop Islam as a moderate religion that upholds values of compassion and peace. Helmy Fauzy also expects, with the knowledge of religion the graduates of Al-Azhar university could contribute to development in Indonesia. Meanwhile, 2 of the 6 recipients of cum laude predicate at the graduation class of 2017 are undergraduate and post graduate students from Indonesia.

“The graduates are expected to develop the Al Azhar concept after. The concept is Islam as religion that upholds values of compassion, peace, and respect for humanity. We hope that they could also spread the moderate Islam that is taught in Al Azhar” said Helmy Fauzy

Representing the rector of Al-Azhar University, Muhammad Mahmud Abu Hashim on the occasion said the Indonesian graduates are not only expected to contribute to the spread of moderate Islam in their country. They are also expected to do the same to the neighboring countries. According to him, the graduates of Al-Azhar should be able to show the world that Islam is a religion of peace and compassion. (retno/trans r)


Bitung, North Sulawesi hosts Lembeh Strait Charm Festival 2017

Bitung city in North Sulawesi is currently hosting the Lembeh Strait Charm Festival (FPSL) 2017 which runs from October 6 until 10. Bitung mayor Maximillan Jonas Lomban recently said in Bitung that the event shows how prosperous the marine potential in Lembeh Strait that covers a total area of 7.5 kilometers. With this potential and the Festival he believes that Bitung will attract more overseas tourists. The Lembeh Strait Charm Festival is being held to commemorate the 27th anniversary of Bitung. The event showcases more than 1,221 ships consisting of three Indonesian ships, trade ships and fisherman ships. Lembeh Strait is one of the world’s best diving spots. This can motivate the administration of Bitung to develop the marine tourism more that in turn will move the economic cycle of the locals. The event also features other activities such as 10K-run, art and culture performances and competitions, underwater and landscape photography competitions, culinary festival, Lembeh Strait swimming competition, decorated boats parade and competition, an attempt to break MURI record for the biggest Manekin, yacht parade, tuna festival and Bitung anniversary celebration for the finale. The tourism ministry has set Bitung as a Special Economic Zone (KEK) area since the city is located in the Pacific Rim area. (Jakarta Post)


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