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Al-Azhar Graduates Called to Spread Moderate Islam

VOI NEWS 09102017 13:00 Local Time GMT +7

260 Al-Azhar University students from 10 countries including 148 Indonesian students were graduated at Azhar Convention Center (ACC), Cairo on Sunday (8/10). They consisted of graduates and post graduates. After attending the graduation ceremony of Al-Azhar University, Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia in Cairo, Helmy Fauzy, expressed hope that the Indonesian graduates on their return to Indonesia could develop Al-Azhar's concept to develop Islam as a moderate religion that upholds values of compassion and peace. Helmy Fauzy also expects, with the knowledge of religion the graduates of Al-Azhar university could contribute to development in Indonesia. Meanwhile, 2 of the 6 recipients of cum laude predicate at the graduation class of 2017 are undergraduate and post graduate students from Indonesia.

"The graduates are expected to develop the Al Azhar concept after. The concept is Islam as religion that upholds values of compassion, peace, and respect for humanity. We hope that they could also spread the moderate Islam that is taught in Al Azhar."

Representing the rector of Al-Azhar University, Muhammad Mahmud Abu Hashim on the occasion said the Indonesian graduates are not only expected to contribute to the spread of moderate Islam in their country. They are also expected to do the same to the neighboring countries. According to him, the graduates of Al-Azhar should be able to show the world that Islam is a religion of peace and compassion// (retno/trs r)


Indonesia Targeting Semifinal in BWF Junior Championship 2017

Indonesia was targeting to reach semifinal in the Badminton World Federation (BWF) Junior Championship 2017. That was stated by Indonesian Team Manager Susi Susanti in a press conference in Yogyakarta, on Sunday (08/10). According to Susi Susanti, the Indonesian junior athletes have great spirit to give their best for Indonesia, but she did not want to burden them.

"In Asia Junior Championship, we had the opportunity to be the Asian winner, but we did not have that fortune. We try to make it a lesson and we hope to be much better in this junior world championship. So our target is at least, we reach the semifinal, so that the young athletes can fully concentrate one by one. We are trying not to overburden them, although all of the athletes want to give their best for Indonesia. We certainly hope to achieve the best."

Susi Susanti further said, Indonesia has three leading categories in BWF Junior Championship 2017, namely women's single, women's double, and mixed double. Previously, Indonesia had beaten Spain to host the international junior class badminton event. BWF Junior Championship 2017 is held at Among Rogo Stadium, Yogyakarta, on October 9-22 2017// (steve/edt r)


194 Year-old Tree Dies in Bogor Botanical Garden

One of the oldest tree species to have recently died in the Bogor Botanical Garden is the 194-year-old lychee tree Litchi Chinensis Sonn. It was discovered to be uprooted on Wednesday, October 4.  The Bogor Botanical Garden is currently investigating the cause of the tree’s death. Based on initial visual observations, there are indications of it to be caused by the build-up of termites. According to Rosiniati Apriani Risna, Head of cooperation and information sub-section for the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), the lychee tree was one of 600 oldest tree collections the botanical garden had. As one of the largest botanical garden in Southeast Asia, it currently features a collection of 12,469 specimens that consists of 3,240 types and 9,685 orchid species consisting of 583 variants. Around 600 of the tree specimens are above 100 years of age while 3,000 of them are around 50 years of age //  Voi.Tempo


Rupiah Strengthens over Positive Domestic News

Analysts project the rupiah exchange rate to strengthen again this week, supported by positive domestic news. Binaartha Securitas analyst Reza Priyambada said in Jakarta, Monday, October 9th that it is estimated that the rupiah will be in the support range of Rp13,595 and a resistance level of Rp13,448 per US dollar. The rupiah appreciation is followed by the US dollar's strengthening; hence there is a possibility for reversal. Reza projected the dollar gain will not be not too significant—allowing the rupiah to keep its uptrend next week. In the Bank Indonesia website, the rupiah middle exchange rate at the end of last week was Rp13.485 per US dollar. Reza said investors should be on the lookout for various sentiments that may hinder the rupiah from gaining further. The main risk to watch for this week is the release of economic reports. Last week, the rupiah weakened to Rp13,585 per US dollar. The rupiah last week moved between the support level of Rp13.625 and the resistance level of Rp13,300 per US dollar//  Voi.Tempo

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