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President Joko Widodo visits Police Academy in Semarang

VOI NEWS 09.00 LOCAL TIME, GMT+7, 10.10.2017

President Joko Widodo visited the campus of the Police Academy in Semarang, Monday, October 9th to offer directives to students. Spokesman of the president, Bey Machmudin revealed that the visit was President Joko Widodo's first agenda while on a working visit to Central Java. The President said that a huge global change has taken place in the field of information technology. He also noted that nearly every country speaks about robotics, not the internet, but artificial intelligence. People of Indonesia have to follow this change in detail. He added that to adapt to the change, everyone has to be innovative and does not be trapped in a monotonous routine. (Ant)


REI to build 6,000 units of subsidized house in Aceh

Real Estate Indonesia -REI of Aceh Province said that its members would build 6,000 units of subsidized houses in Aceh as part of the government's program to build 1 million units of houses in 2017 all over the country. Head of the Aceh REI, Muhammad Nofal said in Banda Aceh, Aceh Province on Monday that so far, 70 percent of the targets of 6,000 houses for low income people have been built all over Aceh, excluding Simeulue. Nofal said that in 2016, REI built 4,000 units of low cost houses in the province, and this year, REI plans to build 230,000 units of houses, including 6,000 units in Aceh. The construction of the subsidized houses with a floor size of 21 sq. meters is carried out in cooperation with the state saving bank, PT Bank Tabungan Negara. (Ant)


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