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President Joko Widodo lauds Indonesia`s export hike

VOI NEWS 11.00 LOCAL TIME, GMT+7, 12-10-2017

President Joko Widodo has praised the private and government sectors for increasing Indonesia’s exports by 17.58 percent, to US$108.79 billion, in the January-August 2017 period.  In his opening address at the 32th Trade Expo Indonesia –TEI held at the Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE) in Tangerang district, Banten province on Wednesday (11/10), The President stated that the export hike is the result of joint efforts between the government and private sectors, in addition to the infrastructure development and connectivity that the government has pursued over the past three years. President Joko Widodo views that with the progress, Indonesia has also managed to improve its global competitive index set by the World Economic Forum -WEF from the 41st to 36th position. (Ant)


Tourism Ministry Appreciates Selayar Calendar of Events 2018

Indonesian Tourism Ministry appreciated the 2018 Calendar of Events of Selayar Regency which was launched at Balairung Soesilo Soedarman, Sapta Pesona Building in Jakarta on Wednesday (11/10). The appreciation was conveyed by the Tourism Ministry's National Tourism Marketing Development Deputy, Esthy Reko Astuti in her remarks during the same occasion. Esthy Reko Astuti said that this year, the Selayar Regency becomes the fastest region to launch its 2018 Calendar of Events.

 “Selayar regency becomes the first and the fastest region to launch its 2018 Calendar of Events. So, we need to appreciate it. And, I had seen almost all core events. It has 50 events consisting of 12 core events and 38 supporting events,” said Esthy Reko Astuti.

Nevertheless, Esthy Reko Astuti expects that all dates in Selayar Regency's Calendar of Events have been fixed, because some agendas are still tentative. Besides, she also asked the Selayar Regency government to develop its tourism potential and promotion by cooperating with other regions around the regency. (Steve)


Towards Indonesia VS Cina

Indonesia relies on players in women's singles, women's doubles and mixes in the last eighth round of BWF World Junior Championship 2017. This was stated by Indonesian team manager, Susi Susanti. After successfully defeating Spain with a score 3-0, Susi said on Wednesday that she has prepared the team as well as possible to be able to give the best achievement for Indonesia. According to Susi, in the eighth round, the strength of the team has been already more evenly. She will try to take point in the sector which is more possible. Overall, five numbers to be performed must be prepared well.

 “The sector which has great opportunity is taken. Which sector that we have more opportunity is. The opportunity is in the single female, double female and mixed players, even though we are ready for mixed men players and single players," said Susi Susanti.

Meanwhile, Coach of China team, Zhu Wii Lun said that Indonesia is as the strong team. So, his team will focus on every number to gain victory. He did not mention the number which becomes priority, because according to Zhu Wii Lu,  Indonesian team has the best player in each number.  Zhu Wii Lun  also promised that he will give interesting game for public who come to Amongrogo sport hall. (Par)

Ministers of Indonesia and Belgium discuss bilateral issues

Indonesian Foreign Affairs Minister Retno L. P. Marsudi and her Belgian counterpart Didier Reynder met in Brussels on Tuesday to discuss various bilateral issues between the two countries. According to a newsletter from the Foreign Affairs Ministry in Jakarta on Wednesday (11/10), Minister Retno shared details about Indonesia’s diversity with the Belgian foreign minister during the meeting. She said that the diversity that unites Indonesia has become part of the life of the nation. Minister Retno added that they discussed economic issues, one of which was the progress in the negotiations on the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement between Indonesia and the European Union. The two foreign ministers also welcomed the increase in the value of bilateral trade by almost 16.86 percent in the first half of 2017. With regard to the trade sector, Minister Retno Marsudi also raised the issue of a negative campaign against the Indonesian palm oil industry in Europe. (Ant)

Belgian King and Queen admire Indonesian artifacts

Belgian King Philippe L'opold Louis Marie and Queen Mathilde expressed their enthusiasm to view hundreds of ancient artifacts from different parts of Indonesia, which were displayed at the Europalia Arts Festival Indonesia in Brussels. King Philippe and Queen Mathilde, who were accompanied by Indonesian Vice President Jusuf Kalla and wife Mufidah Kalla, eagerly observed the artifacts and listened to a historian, who provided details on every artifact being displayed. The Belgian monarchs made it a point to observe the detailed inscriptions written on the bottom left side of each artifact. Some of the ancient artifacts displayed were made of wood, bronze, gold, silver, and stones from North Sumatra, South Sulawesi, Java, NTT, NTB, Sulawesi, Borneo, and Papua. The Europalia Arts Festival Indonesia will be held from Oct 10, 2017 to Jan 21, 2018. (Ant)


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