Home News Raw sugar import policy threatens local farmers: Legislator

Raw sugar import policy threatens local farmers: Legislator

VOI NEWS 12.00 LOCAL TIME, GMT+7, 12.10.2017

The import of raw sugar should be reduced or stopped, if possible, because of the threat it poses to the production of sugarcane farmers in the country. Member of House Commission VI Khilmi, who is a Gerindra Party politician, the import of raw sugar has the potential to threaten the production of domestic sugarcane farmers.   He also warned that, at the same time, there are still indications of the presence of refined sugar circulating in the market that overrides local white crystal sugar, because of the cheaper price.  The Ministry of Trade should also be able to calculate the amount of sugar needed for the people, because it is ironical that on one side, the domestic sugar production cannot be absorbed, while on the side, refined sugar floods the market.  Khilmi also emphasized that the government should immediately revitalize various sugar factories of state-owned enterprises (SOE), so that all domestic sugarcane production would be used.// Voi.ANT


Japanese Film Festival 2017 to screen 20 flicks in Jakarta

The Japanese Film Festival 2017 is set to screen 20 films of various genres, including documentaries, dramas, romances, animations, as well as thrillers, in an event that will run from Nov. 2-7 at CGV Grand Indonesia in Central Jakarta. As reported by Antara news agency, the curated films have been picked from a selection of films that were released in Japan in the past three years, as well as three classic animations from Studio Ghibli. The Japan Foundation said in a statement the inclusion of the animation films by Studio Ghibli in the event serves as a reminder to the Indonesian public of the influence Studio Ghibli has on the global development of animation film. Among the films slated to screen at the festival are an omnibus released last year titled Asian Three Fold Mirror: Reflections, which includes three films by Asian directors, namely Shiniuma by Brillante Ma Mendoza, Pigeons by Isao Yukisada and Beyond the Bridge by Kulikar Sotho. Other films also include ReLIFE (Takeshi Furusawa), Her Love Boils Bathwater(Ryota Nakano), My Uncle (Boku no Ojisan) and Honnouji Hotel (Mayasuki Suzuki). Meanwhile, fans of mystery will be able to enjoy Memoirs of a Murderer (Yu Irie), a thriller that features a whodunit about a serial killer//   Voi.JP


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