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Four archives listed in UNESCO Memory of the World Register

VOI 11.10.2017,12.00 LOCAL TIME, GMT+7

Four national archives were included in the UNESCO Memory of the World Register, according to Bambang Subiyanto, chief executive of the Indonesian Institute of Sciences. Subiyanto remarked in Jakarta on Tuesday that the four archives on the Borobudur temple restoration, Panji Story, Non-Aligned Movement, and Tsunami had been registered in 2016, and the results will be announced at the end of October 2017. He said Indonesia had submitted a proposal to list the archives of Borobudurs renovation during the 1973-1983 period in the UNESCO Memory of the World Register, as the second restoration had involved several parties, and Indonesia has a complete documentation on the work. The archive being filed as a Collective Memory of the World will offer it legitimacy and will strengthen the status of Borobudur as a World Heritage Inheritance. Indonesia, along with several countries, such as Cuba, Zambia, and Algeria, had registered the archives of the Non-Aligned Movement as a Collective Memory of the World. The last archive to be registered comprised 76 manuscripts of the Panji Story about Inu Kertapati and Dewi Sekartaji from East Java dating back to the 13th century//    Voi.ANT


Jakarta to Host International Halal Lifestyle Expo (INHALEC) 2017

---- Jakarta will host the International Halal Lifestyle Expo & Conference (INHALEC) 2017 on October 19-21 at Balai Kartini. “The needs for halal products continue to increase. Other countries view Indonesia as a huge market,” Halal Lifestyle Center chairman Sapta Nirwandar told a press conference yesterday in South Jakarta. Products in ten sectors that are part of halal lifestyle will be showcased, namely food, tourism, fashion, cosmetics, education, financial services, pharmacy, media and recreations, health service and fitness, as well as arts and culture. The event will also feature conferences, concerts and religious film screening. There will also be fashion shows featuring Muslim clothing designers, such as Dian Pelangi, Risty Tagor, El Zatta-Dauky, Wardah, etc. INHALEC was first held in 2016. This year’s edition will involve over 150 participants who will showcase products of halal industry and lifestyle//   Voi.Tempo



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