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Indonesian Economy of 3rd quarter 2017 Grow to 5,06 percent

VOI NEWS, 17:00 LOCAL TIME, GMT+7, 07-11-2017

The Central Statistics Agency announced, on the 3rd quarter 2017 national economic growth reaches 5,06 percent. Head of the central statistic agency, Kecuk Suhariyanto explained that the economic growth on the 3rd quarter 2017 is higher than the economic growth on the 2nd quarter which was only 5,01 percent.  Accumulatively, the national economic growth from the first to the third quarter 2017 reached 5,03 percent. In a press briefing on Monday, (6/11), Suhariyanto explained that there are many events which stimulate the national economic growth on 3rd quarter 2017.

"The price of oil and gas and non oil and gas commodities in the International market during the 3rd quarter  showsencouraging impovement. Many commoditieshave increasing price and commodity price of mining products. The second note, the conditions of global economy in 3rd quarter also increase," said Suhariyanto.

Suhariyanto moreover explained inflation in Indonesia very control where the price of food face deflation, the reality of government’s shop in 3rd quarter also more good. Meanwhile, the growth of economic 3rd quarter more low from estimates Bank of Indonesia 5,18 percent. He hopes that quarter 4th in 2017, growth of economic could more higher than 3rd quarter in 2017.

Suhariyanto further explained, inflation in Indonesia is also very controlled where the price of food is deflation. The realization of government spending in the third quarter also improved. Nevertheless, the third quarter of the economic growth was lower than the Bank Indonesia (BI) approximation of 5.18 percent. He hoped, in the fourth quarter of 2017, economic growth can grow even higher than the third quarter of 2017// trs.Frn


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs pushes farmers’ welfare in Indonesia

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs as the initiator of the event of International Workshop on Improving Small-Scale Farmers Welfare which was attended by representatives of International Institute for the Unification of Private Law (UNIDROIT), Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and International Found for Agricultural Development (IFAD), hoped that Indonesian farmers’ welfare can be increased and they can also increase their knowledge, including the business process. This was stated by Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Ministry, AM Fachir at International Workshop on Improving Small-Scale Farmers Welfare event in Jakarta on Monday (6/11). By the attending of international foundation, the farmers can learn about the knowledge of the experiences of other countries.

"…This is actually our thoughts; the ideas how on one side we increase more the farmers’ welfare and to improve their knowledge, including the business process, because the farmers are considered the weakest side.  So, it is our ways for them to let know and probably to get knowledge about the experience of other countries. Thus, we invite international organizations to share with us," said AM Fachir.

Furthermore, AM Fachir said that he hopes that there is international cooperation. On one hand, it‘s important for Indonesia and on the other hand, Indonesia can also contribute to other countries// (Egi.Trs.Yati)


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs follows up the arrest of the wife of the ISIS’ official, Omarkhaya Maute

Related to her husband’s activity, Omarkhaya Maute as the high official of ISIS who had controlled Marawi, Minhati Madrais finally succeeded to be arrested on November 5 by the Police of the Philippines after entering the list of fugitive. In regard to this, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs asked the representative in Manila and Davao to follow the investigation process and to make sure the identity of the suspect. This was stated by Deputy Minister of the Ministry, AM Fachir after opening the event of International Workshop on Improving Small-Scale Farmers Welfare in Jakarta on Monday (6/11). To handle the issue, his Ministry will cooperate with the government of the Philippines.

"We ask our representative in Manila and in Davao to follow this by first making sure the identity of the suspect, and following the investigation process over there. Then, we see how we cooperate with the government of the Philippines to handle the issue," said AM Fachir.

Regarding the repatriation of the suspect to Indonesia, Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs will be submissive to the local law and the process will run well //  (Egi.Trs.Yati)


Japan is interested in Improving Cooperation of Mushroom Research with Indonesia

Indonesia has one of biodiversity wealth namely food mushroom which begin to develop. Indonesian food mushroom has various kinds so that Japan badly interested to increase mushroom research with Indonesia. It was stated by Food Mushroom Cultivation Researcher of Biological Research Center of the Indonesian Institute of Science ( LIPI), Iwan Saskiawan to  Voice of Indonesia after Media Briefing about Food Mushroom Cultivation in Indonesia at LIPI’s Media Center in Jakarta on Monday (06/11).

"I have research cooperation with Japanese  Tottori University. They are interested to various kinds of mushrooms in Indonesia because biodiversity in Indonesia  is higher compared with other subtropical countries. So we cooperate to develop tropical mushrooms. The substance of mushroom in Indonesia is higher and it can be developed to be the food material," said Iwan Saskiawan.

Furthermore, Iwan Saskiawan explained mushroom becomes one of food material that has higher nutrition. He said mushroom consists of  19-35 percent protein higher compared with rice which has 7,38 percent of  protein and wheat has13,2 percent of protein. Besides, Iwan hoped farmers of mushroom in Indonesia can boost their mushroom cultivation, so that their income and welfare also get more increase//AF.VOI


Indonesia supports the peace process in Afghanistan

Indonesian Foreign Minister Retno LP Marsudi in a meeting with Afghan President Ashraf Ghani expressed Indonesia's commitment to support the peace and reconciliation process in Afghanistan. A press statement published by the Foreign Ministry's official website in Jakarta on Monday said Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi arrived in Kabul on Monday (6/11) at 07.15 am local time, to conduct her working visit in Afgahnistan. During the visit, Foreign Minister Retno discussed various bilateral cooperation with President Ashraf Ghani. In the meeting, Minister Retno Marsudi discussed the follow-up of the Afghan President's visit to Indonesia in early 2017, especially regarding the country's peace and reconciliation process. The minister further said that Indonesia as the biggest Islamic population in the world is able to be a model in building peace in Afghanistan//  trs.yai.Ant


Trade Expo Indonesia 2017 opens non-traditional export market

The Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin) evaluated that the 2017 Trade Expo Indonesia (TEI) is able to open and optimize export opportunities from domestic to non-traditional markets. Chairman of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Rosan P Roeslani said that the Trade Expo held on October 11-15 2017 has invited various potential buyers from non-traditional countries and open export opportunities for the local businessmen.  Rosan P Roeslani added that in addition to utilizing the expo to increase the trade, the local businessmen are also likely to attract investment from foreign businessmen. It  is not only attract foreign investment to the country, but also the opportunities for local businessmen to invest abroad. On the occasion, the Director General of National Export Development of the Ministry of Trade Arlinda conveyed, with the concept of business to business (B2B), the TEI 2017 has also facilitated the signing of 37 MoU purchasing missions from 19 countries. The highest transaction value is based on the order of the country on TEI 2017 purchase mission, namely Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Egypt, and Thailand//   trs-yati.Ant.


Government to allocate Rp3.17 trillion for infrastructure development near Malaysia border

The central government is set to allocate Rp3.17 trillion for the construction of several facilities near the border with Malaysia in North Kalimantan province. In a press statement released on Monday, North Kalimantan Governor, Irianto Lambrie said that he has received information that the central government would increase the budget fund for the construction of several facilities in the new province. He also remarked that Rp1.14 trillion of the funds will be allocated to the province through the Public Works and Housing Ministry to build 127.5 kilometers of road parallel to the borders. The provincial government will also receive Rp99.4 billion to upgrade Nunuka Airport, including subsidy for the operation of ferry boats for Tarakan-Nunukan, Nunukan-Sebatik, and Nunukan-Seimenggaris routes// (Ant)


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