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Ministry of Foreign Affairs pushes farmers’ welfare in Indonesia

VOI NEWS 11.00 LOCAL TIME, GMT+7, 07.11.2017

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs as the initiator of the event of International Workshop on Improving Small-Scale Farmers Welfare which was attended by representatives of International Institute for the Unification of Private Law (UNIDROIT), Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and International Found for Agricultural Development (IFAD), hoped that Indonesian farmers’ welfare can be increased and they can also increase their knowledge, including the business process. This was stated by Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Ministry, AM Fachir at International Workshop on Improving Small-Scale Farmers Welfare event in Jakarta on Monday (6/11). By the attending of international foundation, the farmers can learn about the knowledge of the experiences of other countries.

"…This is actually our thoughts; the ideas how on one side we increase more the farmers’ welfare and to improve their knowledge, including the business process, because the farmers are considered the weakest side.  So, it is our ways for them to let know and probably to get knowledge about the experience of other countries. Thus, we invite international organizations to share with us,” he said.

Furthermore, AM Fachir said that he hopes that there is international cooperation. On one hand, it‘s important for Indonesia and on the other hand, Indonesia can also contribute to other countries. (Egi/Trans-Yati)


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs follows up the arrest of the wife of the ISIS’ official, Omarkhaya Maute

Related to her husband’s activity, Omarkhaya Maute as the high official of ISIS who had controlled Marawi, Minhati Madrais finally succeeded to be arrested on November 5 by the Police of the Philippines after entering the list of fugitive. In regard to this, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs asked the representative in Manila and Davao to follow the investigation process and to make sure the identity of the suspect. This was stated by Deputy Minister of the Ministry, AM Fachir after opening the event of International Workshop on Improving Small-Scale Farmers Welfare in Jakarta on Monday (6/11). To handle the issue, his Ministry will cooperate with the government of the Philippines.

"…We ask our representative in Manila and in Davao to follow this by first making sure the identity of the suspect, and following the investigation process over there. Then, we see how we cooperate with the government of the Philippines to handle the issue," he said.

Regarding the repatriation of the suspect to Indonesia, Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs will be submissive to the local law and the process will run well. So will the cooperation between the two countries. (Egi/Trans-Yati)


Indonesian economic growth in 3rd quarter at 5.06 percent

The Central Statistics Agency -BPS recorded Indonesia's growth based on expenditure grew 5.06 percent year-on-year (yoy) as of the third quarter this year. Chief of the Agency, Suhariyanto said that the increase was driven by all components. He said in a press conference in Jakarta on Monday that all components of GDP expenditure grew positively and the highest was exports. Meanwhile, government consumption and investment also grew well. Suhariyanto also stated that most of Indonesia's exports go to China, USA, Japan, India and Singapore. With an economic growth of 5.06 percent (yoy), the year-to-date cumulative growth rate as per quarter three is 5.03 percent. (TI)


World Bank provides education in pocket of TKI's villages

The World Bank –WB through the Greenback 2.0 Program- provides education for the community in several villages which are enclaves of Indonesian workers in East Lombok District, West Nusa Tenggara -NTB. World Bank Representative in Indonesia, Isaku Endo has stated in East Lombok recently that the World Bank runs the program for three years, starting in 2016 and ending in 2018. He also explained that the Greenback 2.0 is a World Bank program that seeks to invite the community to take advantage of regulated financial services for the creation of fluency and security in financial transactions. The invitation was realized in various activities that have been running in the three selected villages, namely Loyok and South Tetebatu in Sikur Sub-district, and Perigi Village, Pringgabaya Sub-district, East Lombok. (ROL)


The International Conference on Islamic Studies will enliven IIEE 2017

The Ministry of Religious Affairs will hold International Islamic Education Expo 2017. The event which will start on November 20 – 24, 2017 in Banten province, will be enlivened by Annual International Conference on Islamic Studies (AICIS). Coordinator of Publication of the Expo, Muhtadin said in Jakarta on Monday that the 17th conference will be attended by thousands of academicians of Islamic Religious College. Muhtadin also said that the conference is a place to discuss ideas, opinions, new discoveries  and media to establish intellectual networking among academicians at environment of the colleges. The conference is an academic event for Islamic expert to share idea and to reinforce the moderate and tolerant nature of Indonesian Islam. The conference 2017 has a theme “Religion, Identity and citizenship.” There are several sub-themes that will be presented by scientists at home and abroad. (KBRN/Trans by Yati)


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