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  • Apr 22, 2017


    In today’s edition, we will introduce you to Annissa Nurul Shanty Kusuma Wardhani Heryadie or with nicknameShanty. A woman, who was born in Jakarta in December 1978, began her career in the entertainment world as a dancer. Then shortly, she became…
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    Apr 02, 2017

    Listener's Mailbag 02-04-2017

    Hello listener wherever you are, welcome back to Listeners’ Mailbag, a weekly segment in which your letters and emails are acknowledged. We would like to thank you our dear listeners wherever you are who have sent your letters or emails containing…
  • Jan 18, 2017

    Yuni Shara-Mengapa Tiada Maaf

    NUSIC CORNER 18.01.2017 The song "Mengapa Tiada Maaf” made Yuni Shara increasingly known and popular among the Indonesian people . The song "Mengapa Tiada Maaf" tells about the feelings of someone who was not forgiven by her former lover . This song…
    Maryati/Ani Hasanah99
  • Jan 16, 2017


    MUSIC CORNER 16.01.2017 Kalung Mutiara is a song that tells about sad end love story . A couple who love each other should eventually split up because of different nations . The song is dedicated very well by Waljinah and Gesang, the Keroncong…
    Andy Romdoni/Ani Hasanah95
  • Jan 06, 2017

    Music Corner Ikke Nurjanah

    MUSIC CORNER/ 06.01.2017/DANGDUT/IKKE NURJANAH Today’s edition presents you, Ikke Nurjanah, a well-known Indonesian female dangdut singer. “Terlena” is one of hits made by Ikke Nurjanah. The song has made Ikke becomes famous and the most popular…
    Asmawati/Ani Hasanah88
  • Nov 29, 2016


    MUSIC CORNER 29.11.2016 Jatuh Bangun tells about the story of someone who fall and up to reach the love . Unfortunately, the lover is not understand . In accordance with the lyrics, this song is so mellow music brought the dangdut classical music…
    Nuke/Ani Hasanah144
  • Nov 26, 2016


    MUSIC CORNER 26.11.2016 In today’s edition, we will introduce you to Maudy Ayunda. Before we talk about more about Maudy, let’s listen to a song entitled “Tiba-Tiba Cinta Datang”. The cheerful song tells about a woman who falls in love and hopes the…
    Ani Hasanah132
  • Nov 10, 2016


    MUSIC CORNER 10.11.2016 Today’s edition coincides with the commemoration of Heroes Day, on November 10th . We refer to byword that great nation is a nation that respects to their heroes . Te words become the cornerstone of a nation and the state…
    Nuke/Ani Hasanah130
  • Nov 08, 2016


    MUSIC CORNER 08.11.2016 In today’s edition, I will introduce you to Santa Hoky . The song which was composed by Obbie Mesakh tells about faithfulness in love . As the lyric, “like car & fuel, we always altogether” . Mobil&Bensin was thefirst dangdut…
    Nuke/Ani Hasanah128
  • Aug 26, 2016

    Koes Plus - Cubit-Cubitan

    MUSIC CORNER 26.08.2016 At the end of 1970s, some Indonesian band which had successfully brought pop songs at the time, began to change into dangdut and malay songs such as Koes Plus. Responding to the taste of the market, KOES PLUS that was formed…
    Maryati/Ani Hasanah198
  • Apr 09, 2016


    Ani Hasanah446
  • Nov 20, 2015

    Leo Waldy - Cinta Dan Debu

    MUSIC CORNER, 20.11.2015 Waldy Hermansyah, who was born in Jakarta, July 31, 1958, is an Indonesian dangdut singer that was better known as Leo Waldy. On October 11, 2012 Leo Waldy died of lung cancer stadium 4 that he had suffered from 2004. Leo…
  • Oct 06, 2015

    Cokelat Band - Tanpa Rasa

    Music Corner, October 6th 2015 Cokelat Band was firstly formed on June 25th 1996 and produced many works that could be enjoyed by musical lovers in Indonesia . The personnel of the band choose the name of Cokelat or chocolate, because they hope…
  • Oct 05, 2015

    GESANG - Sebelum Aku Mati

    MUSIC CORNER 05-10-2015 his song is not only famous in Indonesia, but also in foreign countries . In addition it has been sung by many singers, the song was also translated into dozens of foreign languages, such as English, Russian, Chinese and…
  • Sep 29, 2015

    Know Our Music Rebab

    VOI KNOW OUR MUSIC, 29-09-2015 Welcome to KNOW OUR MUSIC, a weekly segment introducing you to Indonesian traditional music and musical instrument from across Indonesia. This week we’ll invite you to visit West Sumatra to know more about its…
    Viqran Shink Khan/Ani Hasanah332
  • Sep 28, 2015

    Ipuk - Mirah Delima

    Music Corner, September 28th 2015. The song Melati Pesanku tells about honorary message to the heroes . Although very much in love, but the girl let her man leave her to fight for the nation, and she give a bouquet of jasmine, as a sign of love .…
  • Sep 25, 2015

    Juwita Thofany Sanjaya

    MUSIC CORNER, 25.09.2015 Juwita Thofany Sanjaya or known as Juwita Bahar was born in Jakarta, January 11, 1996 is a dangdut singer from Indonesia. She started gaining fame through a song “Maybe Yes Maybe No” in a private TV station in 2008. Her name…
  • Sep 22, 2015

    Know Our Music: Pakacaping

    KNOW OUR MUSIC 22-09-2015 Pakacaping or Kecapi is one of traditional musical instruments from South Sulawesi Province. It has a boat shape with two strings. Etymologically, Pakacaping derives from two words namely “pa” and “Kacaping”. Pa means…
  • Sep 08, 2015

    Know Our Music Gendang Beleq

    VOI KNOW OUR MUSIC 08-09-2015 Lombok is well known among tourists because it has many interesting tourism objetcs as well as art and cultures. One of them is Gendang Beleq. It is a popular performance among the Sasak, the native people of West Nusa…
    Viqran Shink Khan/Ani Hasanah963
  • Sep 07, 2015

    Sri Hartati

    MUSIC CORNER 07-09-2015 Love at the first sight is actually a theme that is quite popular and are often raised in various works, both songs and movies . Although the story is relatively common in daily life, it is able to bring the beauty of a song…
  • Aug 11, 2015

    Know Our Music Rindik Bali

    KNOW OUR MUSIC 11-08-2015 Rindik is a simple instrument made from some pieces of bamboo. Its tone is based on laras slendro. Slendro is a pentatonic scale, It is one of the two most common scales (laras) used in Indonesian gamelan music. This…
    Viqran Shink Khan/Ani Hasanah779
  • Jul 28, 2015

    Know Our Music Gendang Melayu

    VOI KNOW OUR MUSIC, 28-07-2015 Hello listeners, welcome to KNOW OUR MUSIC, a weekly segment introducing you to Indonesian traditional music and musical instrument from across Indonesia. This week we’ll invite you to know more about Malay traditional…
    Viqran Shink Khan/Ani Hasanah502
  • Jul 13, 2015

    Waldjinah - Meratap Hati

    Music Corner, July 13, 2015. Waldjinah, a woman who was born in Solo, Central Java is known as the Queen of Kroncong. Her career in music went up after she became the first winner of Indonesia Radio Star in 1965. Waldjinah launched a compilation…
  • Jul 07, 2015

    Know Our Music: Genggong and Balinese Gamelan

    KNOW OUR MUSIC 07-07-2015 Welcome to KNOW OUR MUSIC, a weekly segment introducing you to Indonesian traditional music and musical instruments from across Indonesia. This week we’ll invite you to visit Bali Island to learn about its traditional…
    Viqran Shink Khan/Ani Hasanah634
  • Jul 06, 2015

    Rita Zahara - Bunga Anggrek

    Music Corner, July 6,2015. Bunga Anggrek -Orchid flower is one of keroncong songs that composed by Ismail Marzuki. The song that was composed in 1939 is about love story that ended less happily. Bunga Anggrek- Orchid flower’s blossoming recalls the…
  • Jun 29, 2015


    Music Corner June 29, 2015 Payung Fantasi is a song composed by Ismail Marzuki, a great Indonesia composer, who also created a number of national songs. His name is immortalized as an art, Taman Ismail Marzuki (TIM) in Salemba, Central Jakarta. This…
    Maryati/Ani Hasanah612
  • Jun 26, 2015

    Jefri Al Buchori

    MUSIC CORNER 26.06.2015 Jefri Al Buchori or popularly called as Ustad Uje was born in Jakarta, April 12, 1973 and died in Jakarta, April 26, 2013 at the age of 40. He was a preacher, singer and actor. Uje died of accident in Pondok Indah, South…
    Maryati/Ani Hasanah754
  • Jun 22, 2015

    Sumiati - Kicir Kicir

    Music Corner, June 22, 2015. To celebrate the 488th Anniversary of Jakarta, in today’s edition I present several Betawi Keroncong songs . This song is not only popular in Jakarta but also known in other parts of Indonesia. This song is often sung at…
  • Jun 19, 2015

    UNGU BAND - Do’a Untuk Ibu

    MUSIC CORNER 19.06.2015 Today’s edition presents you an Indonesian band Ungu. With various stunning accomplishment and experience they’ve been through until now, Ungu has become a great band in the Indonesian music world. Ungu was formed in 1996. It…
    Maryati/Ani Hasanah541
  • Jun 16, 2015

    Panting Music From South Kalimantan

    KNOW OUR MUSIC 16-06-2015 Panting is traditional music from Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan province. Panting is taken from Banjar language, namely Mamanting or picking up. In the past, Panting music was used to accompany oral theater such as…
    Viqran Shink Khan/Ani Hasanah717
  • Jun 12, 2015

    Jhonny Iskandar

    MUSIC CORNER 12.06.2015 Jhonny Iskandar, a dangdut singer who was popular in 1980 – 1990s has songs which are familiar to dangdut lovers. Some of them are Bukan Pengemis Cinta, Judul-judulan, Bibir Kuda and many other hits. Surprisingly, Jhonny…
  • Jun 09, 2015

    Talempong Saluang

    VOI KNOW OUR MUSIC 09-06-2015 A talempong is a small kettle gong which gives its name to an ensemble of four or five talempong as well as other gongs and drums. The term can refer to the instrument, the ensemble, or the genre of music. Talempong is…
    Viqran Shink Khan/Ani Hasanah605
  • Jun 08, 2015

    Rama Aiphama

    Rama Aiphama is one of Indonesian singers and composers. The man who is from Gorontalo began singing in 1987. His name became popular in the country music world when he sang a song entitled Dinda Bestari in pop dangdut genre in the early 90s. Dinda…
  • Jun 05, 2015

    Hesty Aryatura

    MUSIC CORNER 05.06.2015 Hesty Aryatura who was born in Bandung, West Java, May 18, 1994 is famous for her song “Klepek Klepek” composed by Papa T Bob. Hesty is engaged in music world because of her love for her parents. The fourth daughter of seven…
    Maryati/Ani Hasanah560
  • Jun 03, 2015

    Uchie Wibie & TrickQ

    MUSIC CORNER 03-06-2015 Today, we’ll introduce you to an Indonesian singer Uchie Wibie who has been known since 1997 . Uchie now back to the music industry in Indonesia with a new performance . In 2012 she launched a single entitled “Enough” after…
    Maryati/Ani Hasanah744
  • Jun 02, 2015

    Serunai, Traditional Musical Instrument from West Sumatra

    VOI KNOW OUR MUSIC 02-06-2015 West Sumatra is one of provinces inIndonesia. It lies on the west coast of the island of Sumatra. Its capital is Padang. One of traditional music of West Sumatra is serunai or puput serunai. The musical instrument is…
    Viqran Shink Khan/Ani Hasanah842
  • May 31, 2015

    Listener's Mailbag May 31, 2015

    Ani Hasanah526
  • May 29, 2015

    Eka May Linda

    MUSIC CORNER 29.05.2015 Eka May Linda is an Indonesian dangdut singer born on May 29, 1982 in Jakarta. In early November 2009, Melinda, as she is usually called, released the first single entitled “Cinta Satu Malam”. The single carries dangdut house…
    Maryati/Ani Hasanah586
  • May 27, 2015

    Wizzy & The Wonder Woman

    MUSIC CORNER MAY 27th 2015 Wizzy's real name is Wiliana Saraswaty. She was a runner up of the Mama Mia singing contest in 2008 held by an Indonesian private television station Indosiar . Since at the time Wizzy has seriously developed her talent in…
    Maryati/Ani Hasanah712
  • May 26, 2015

    Balinese Music

    KNOW OUR MUSIC 26-05-2015 Bali is one of provinces in Indonesia. Denpasar is its capital city. The area of the province of Bali consists of small islands such as Nusa Penida Island, Nusa Lembongan Island, Nusa Ceningan Island and Serangan Island.…
    Viqran Shink Khan/Ani Hasanah835
  • May 25, 2015

    Sri Widadi. Sepasang Mata Bola

    Music Corner May 25, 2015 In today’s edition, I’ll introduces you an Indonesia female singer, Sri Widadi. Sepasang Mata Bola was composed by an Indonesian composer, Ismail Marzuki. ‘Melati Di Tapal Batas, and “Gugur Bunga were other two songs…
    Maryati/Ani Hasanah518
  • May 24, 2015

    Listener's Mailbag May 24, 2015

    Ani Hasanah489
  • May 22, 2015

    Ria Amelia - Abang Sayang

    MUSIC CORNER 22.05.2015 Ria Amelia was born in Jakarta, May 17, 1983. Ria is a singer who is the first to popularize the song “SMS”. Ria who has Minang or West Sumatran blood began her career as house dangdut singer by releasing the first album…
    Maryati/Ani Hasanah585
  • May 21, 2015


    Welcome back in Music Corner, a musical segment which introduces you to Indonesian original music, either traditional or modern ones. In today’s edition, we present you some good musicians and singers among other SUHATE group Band, a female singer…
  • May 19, 2015


    MUSIC CORNER, 19.05.2015 Welcome back in Music Corner, a musical segment which introduce you to Indonesian original music, either traditional or modern ones. In today’s edition, we present you Letto group Band. One of the band which is popular in…
  • May 18, 2015

    Tri Novianti - keroncong

    MUSIC CORNER 18-05-2015 Biola Kaca song tells about a beautiful memory of a person in the past time. The melodious strains of the violin always reminds him of the lover who performed the song accompanied by violin. The song was composed for someone…
    Maryati/Ani Hasanah592
  • globe
    May 16, 2015

    Isra Mi’raj of Prophet Muhammad

    MUSIC CORNER, 16.05.2015 Welcome back in Music Corner, a musical segment which introduces you to Indonesian original music, either traditional or modern ones. Today’s edition, in conjunction with Islamic event, Isra Mi’raj of Prophet Muhammad, we…
  • May 15, 2015

    Denada Elizabeth Anggia Ayu Tambunan

    MUSIC CORNER, 15.05.2015 Denada Elizabeth Anggia Ayu Tambunan, who is more known as Denada, is a Batak or North Sumatran singer and actress who was born in Jakarta. Denada is the first child of Rio Tambunan and Emilia Contessa who were top-notch…
    Maryati/Ani Hasanah623
  • May 14, 2015


    MUSIC CORNER 14.05.2015 Agrikulture is an electronic band. With dance music nuance but not just focus on one genre of music. They take a lot of influences from rock, funk and reggae. Agrikulture is a process of combination live elements and…
    Dee Nugraha/Ani Hasanah704
  • May 12, 2015


    MUSIC CORNER 12.05.2015 Zivilia band which comes from Kendari, Southeast Sulawesi is one of Indonesian phenomenal bands. It only has two personnel. But Zivilia band is able to deliver a new musical nuance of Indonesian music. Those two personel are…
    Dee Nugraha/Ani Hasanah645

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