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Koes Plus - Cubit-Cubitan

MUSIC CORNER 26.08.2016

At the end of 1970s, some Indonesian band which had successfully brought pop songs at the time, began to change into dangdut and malay songs  such as Koes Plus. Responding to the taste of the market, KOES PLUS that was formed in 1969 also released Malay Pop music album in 1978, and one of the leading songs entitled “Cubit-Cubitan. 

Cubit-Cubitan by Koes Plus was popular in Indonesia, and it inspired a film also with the same title “Cubit-Cubitan”. It was sung by many singers at that time, such as Elvy Sukaesih . The four personnel of Koes Plus namely Tony Koeswoyo, Yok Koeswoyo, Yon Koeswoyo and Mury also released other Malay and Dangdut songs that have been well received by Indonesian music lovers. 

Although KOES PLUS songs have been more than 40 years, the young generations like them very much . For Koes Plus, their values and souls were indeed in  Malay Pop, Javanese Regional Pop and Keroncong. 


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