MUSIC CORNER 08.11.2016

In today’s edition, I will introduce you to Santa Hoky . The song which was composed  by Obbie Mesakh tells about faithfulness in love . As the lyric, “like car & fuel, we always altogether” . Mobil&Bensin was thefirst dangdut song of Santa which was released in 1989 . Initially she pursue a career as a pop singer, but less successful . Heracquaintance with Obbie Mesakh,a famous pop songs composer  in the country pave the way of hersuccess in the dangdut music in the country . Through the song Mobil & Bensin, Santa Hoky cameto the ranks of the most popular dangdut singer at that time . Well Listener, let’s listen to the next song entitled “Setangkai Bunga Padi” by Santa Hoki .

Setangkai Bunga Padi . The song was released in 1992 and itis succeed in the country’s dangdut music industry and deliverthe singer with a full name  Santa Hoky Ginting into the ranks of famous dangdut singer in the country . The song tells about someone who falling in love .

Because the song tells about fall in love, the music is quite cheerful . In the music, the sound of drum and flute are dominant, especially in one part of a song lyric, there is only accompanied by the sounds of drum and bamboo flute .  Themusic is also quite influenced byIndian music . With poetic lyricsand beautiful music arrangement,the song which was composed by Fazal Dath still engrossed to belistened up to this day .

In addition to the song Setangkai Bunga Padi, Santa Hoky actuallyhas released many dangdut albums and spiritual album . Some hits dangdut songs of Santa Hokya are among others, Bunga-Bunga Cinta, Pesona Wanita, and Malu-Malu Mau . Well Listeners, to conclude our segment for today, let’s listen to the last two songs entitled “Pesona Wanita” & “Malu-Malu Mau” by Santa Hoki .


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