MUSIC CORNER  10.11.2016

Today’s edition coincides with the commemoration of Heroes Day, on November 10th . We refer to byword that great nation is a nation that respects to their heroes . Te words become the cornerstone of a nation and the state infulfilling independence .

The heroes’ services can not be ignored .  Without struggle and sacrifice of the heroes it is impossible thatpeople can breathe free air like today . Freedom is the basis for the continuing struggle of the heroes of independence with development, which aims to achieve future goals through prosperous nation . Various heartbreaking stories of the independence struggle to achieve their future goals of the nation, but amid thestruggle there is a romantic love story between couple lovers which is revealed from a song entitled "SelendangSutera" . Well listener, let’s listen to the next song entitled “Selendang Sutera”. Selendang Sutera  or the silk scarf is a symbol of love of young man to achieve his future goals of the nation . a deeply moving story that should be an example of a complete story of love and  alive of two young coupleamid gunfire and flames struggle . Love does not undermine the spirit to fight for their future goals of the nation  . Well listener, to conclude our segment of Music Corner for today, let’s listen to the last song entitled “Maju Tak Gentar”. 


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