MUSIC CORNER 26.11.2016

In today’s edition, we will introduce you to Maudy Ayunda. Before we talk about more about Maudy, let’s listen to a song entitled “Tiba-Tiba Cinta Datang”. The cheerful song tells about a woman who falls in love and hopes the man who is loved by her also feels the same thing. This song was Maudy’s hit song from her first album entitled “Panggil Aku” in 2011. Maudy’s career in Indonesian entertainment industry began through a film “Untuk Rena” when she was 12 years old. Her career as singer is equally brilliant in acting. Maudy keeps sharpening her talent until she can create her songs. One of her songs which is created by herself, is “Jakarta Ramai”. This song is proof of her seriousness to pursue her career in Indonesian music industry. Inspiring from the life crowded in the capital city Jakarta, Maudy Ayunda tries to lift into a song. For musical arrangement of this song, Maudy is helped by Tohpati, an Indonesian musician. In pop balad genre, the song which was released in early 2016, shows guitar music and also Maudy Ayundavocal, which is simple and soft, makes this song nice to be enjoyed and heard when relaxing. After being graduated from program Bachelor of Arts in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics in Oxford University, Ayunda Faza Maudya released her new single entitled “Sekali Lagi” created by herself.  This song was released when she graduated from Oxford University. This song tells about to begin a new thing.

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