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Today’s edition presents you, Ikke Nurjanah, a well-known Indonesian female dangdut singer.  “Terlena” is one of hits made by Ikke Nurjanah. The song has made Ikke becomes famous and the most popular dangdut singer in Indonesia. She was crowned the best dangdut singer for three years in a row from 1997-1999 at the Anugerah Musik Indonesia, an honor awarded by The Indonesian Recording Academy to recognize outstanding achievement in the Indonesian music industry. Another award given to Ikke Nurjanah was a title as The Greatest Hit Dangdut Singer 2002 by one of Indonesia’s commercial TV. Hartini Erpi Nurjanah – Ikke Nurjanah born name, is popular not only in Indonesia but also in some neighboring countries. In 1998, she was invited to sing in Japan as her songs were loved so much by the International dangdut lovers too.

Besides singing, Ikke Nurjanah also actively involves in some other activities such as hosting TV shows and manages a commercial radio. But no matter how busy she is with her activities, singing is still her number-one priority.




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