MUSIC CORNER 16.01.2017

Kalung Mutiara is a song that tells about  sad end love story . A couple  who love each other should eventually split up because of different nations . The song is dedicated very well by Waljinah and Gesang, the Keroncong maestro . Besides the keroncong song, Waljinah also brought the song in Javanese  version . Listener, Waljinah, a woman who was born in Solo, Central Java in 1945 acceptedthe nickname Queen of Kroncong . She started hercareer in the music industry in 1945, after winning 1st place in the Indonesia Radio Singing Contest or Bintang Radio 1965 .

Meratap Hati by Waldjinah tells about sadness of a man who was abandoned by his lover . Listeners, in 2015, Waljinah got an Indonesian Music Award (AMI) 2015 . She received an award in the category of Best Female Solo Singer, in the song "Ayo Ngguyu" .Moreover, the song iscontained in the album The Best Waljinah Kroncong, also won the award for Best Record Producer and manager on behalf of Bintang Nusantara Orchestra .


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