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Yuni Shara-Mengapa Tiada Maaf

NUSIC CORNER 18.01.2017

The song "Mengapa Tiada Maaf” made Yuni Shara increasingly known and popular among the Indonesian people . The song "Mengapa Tiada Maaf" tells about the feelings of someone who was not forgiven by her former lover . This song was previously sung by senior Indonesian singer Bob Tutopoly .  In the new arrangement, Yuni Shara released it in the mid 1990s . Most of the songs are sung by Yuni Shara in a production are the recycled or re-arranged album, both popular songs in the past  or the long lasting songs which enjoyable to be listened . A melodious voice and spoiled character making the old songs which were reproduced, are going back popular .  One song which is also favored by Indonesian music lovers entitled "December" . The song was inspired by a bitter memory in December, memories that made broken hearts but it is difficult to forget .  The characteristic of Yuni Shara, who is the elder sister of one of Indonesian diva pop music Kris Dayanthi, she usually dedicate slow rhythmic songs . Yuni Shara indeed has a good talent to dedicate beautiful tones into a song  that is enjoyable .  Coming from a family who loves arts and music, become her basic to success in venturing the Indonesian pop music industry . Well listener, to conclude our segment for today, let’s listen to the last song entitled “Surat Undangan” by Yuni Shara .


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