In today’s edition, we will introduce you to Annissa Nurul Shanty Kusuma Wardhani Heryadie or with nicknameShanty.  A woman, who was born in Jakarta in December 1978, began her career in the entertainment world as a dancer. Then shortly, she became an announcer of private radio which delivered her as VJ MTV. 

This album has two hit songs entitled ‘Hanya Memuji’ which is sung duet byMarcell, and Oh Kasih.

This song tells about admiration to sombody. His existence is very interesting and makes heart beating hard. The song with the title “Oh Kasih” tries to present different story. The existence of feeling is only an aadmiration and praise, not a feeling of love.  The collaboration betwen Shanty and Marcell makes this song very nice to be enjoyed. 

This song is in Shanty’s third album with the title “Seperti Langit” which was released in 2005.The third album was very different from other previous albums, because the album contains of songs which have up-beat genre.  But, the song with the title ‘Mencari Cinta Sejati’ has sweet rhythm, so this song is chosen as single hit.

This song tells about someone who lost her true love. Although she is sad, but she does not want anybody to know about her sadness.  

In 2010, Shanty got married with Sebastian Paredes, who is from Equador. After getting married, Shanty moves toHong Kong. Over the last few years, Shanty has begun to be active again in Indonesian music world. In 2015, Shantyreleased single entitled ‘Bukan Adam Hawa’. 

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