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Welcome back in Music Corner, a musical segment which introduces you toIndonesian music either traditional or modern one. Nicki Astria is a singer from Bandung, West Java, who briefly enlivened Indonesia Pop Rock music in the 80’s to 90’s. At that time, rock song was not yet very familiar with Indonesians. The rock music is often assumed as a reflection of the explosive soul with a characteristic appearance that is far from clean. That makes rock music not too popular amidst Indonesianpeople.  But if you listen deeply, most of the tones on the rock song are sentimentally rhythmic. There are lyrics which become an expression of the music composer. Nicki’s career in the rock music world cannot be separated from the role of the rock musician, Ian Antono. The strength of the song that becomes her character is sound which is packed with domination of the voice of the lead guitar metal. No wonder; her songs are very popular with young people who search for their identity. 


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