Noor Agni Safitri

Saputangan Dari Bandung Selatan is the  song which was composed by an Indonesian welknown composer Ismail Marzuki. The song was made in the era of Indonesian struggle and became an original keroncong song. The song tells about a hero who has to part with the beloved one. Although currently the keroncong genre not too much in demand, especially by the younger generation, Safitri remains proudly dedicated keroncong songs. According to Safitri as a child she often accompanied his father to watched keroncong performance. She was firstly not interested to the keroncong. But thanks to encouragement from her parents, Safitri finally learned keroncong music and love the music very much.

The song Melati Di Tapal Batas is one of the national songs of Indonesian struggle composed by Ismail Marzuki.The song tells about a woman hero who struggled to maintain the Indonesia's independence. A song with a very touching rhythm and poem that is able to evoke a sense of love for the State. Listener, Safitri's love and pride toward keroncong music then poured into the work of Keroncong  In Lounge album. The keroncong songs which are packed with modern music arrangement. In 2009 Safitri released an album containing 10 Indo-Western mix songs. This was a form of herdedication to preserve kroncong music in order to be favored by younger generations today.


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