Welcome back in Music Corner, a musical segment which introduces you to Indonesian music -either traditional or modern one. In today’s edition, we will introduce you to Vidi Aldiano. You have just listened to the first song entitled “Keagungan Tuhan” sung by Vidi Aldiano. In this song, Vidi invites people to be repentant and aware that we are just creatures of God. This song is very popular among Indonesian music lovers, especially religious song ones. This song was popularized by D'lloyd band in 1970s. Vidi sang this song well without changing the main arrangement. Musical talent of the singer who was born in Jakarta in1990, has begun since he was a little boy.  Vidi Aldiano was born and grew in family, who does appreciate music. Since 3 years old, Vidi has practiced in playing piano through his mother’s guidance who is a piano teacher. His love of music continues to grow along with the development of Vidi's musical abilities.However, Vidi does not instantly get into Indonesian music world. Harry Kiss, Vidi Aldiano’s father, offered Vidi’s album demo to his friends who have recording companies, but this album was rejected 6 times. In 2009, a producer was interested to skyrocket Vidi’s name in Indonesian music world. That was the second song entitled “Rindu Rasul” sung by Vidi Aldiano featuring Sam Bimbo. This song tells about a person's longing and admiration for his Apostle. Song entitled "Rindu Rasul" is taken from an album entitled "Lelaki Pilihan" which was released in 2009 to color month of Ramadan at that time. "Rindu Rasul" is the hit song which is directly loved by his fans. In 2015, Vidi Aldiano released again a religious song entitled "Akhirnya" featuring Alika. This song is re-cycling song which is popularized by  Bimbo. Collaboration of those singers also colored situation Ramadan in Indonesia at that time.

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