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A song ‘DINGIN’  was composed by Rinto Harahap and popularized by Hetty Koes Endang in 1979. The song like most songs of Rinto's composition, with the theme of love. Although the songs usually with simple rhythm but enjoyable to listen, so that  the songs are accepted by the music lovers in Indonesia. Erwin Harahap, Rinto's elder brother said, Rinto Harahap is very admiring the Beatles and The Bee Gees, so that the bands affected Rinto’s works. The composer who has given much color to the Indonesian pop music, died in Singapore on February 9, 2015 at the age of 65 years.    

BUNGA SEDAP MALAM is one of Rinto Harahap's compositions popularized by Iis Sugianto in the 1980s. At the time, pop song was well received by the public. BUNGA SEDAP MALAM later sung back by Rinto himself with keroncong genre. As a composer who has produced many songs, certainly not difficult for Rinto to bring the song well. BUNGA SEDAP MALAM is just an illusion for the betrayed love. Like the smell of Sedap Malam flower that can only be felt for a while.  

Rinto Harahap started his career in music by establishing The Mercy's group in 1969. The group was firstly consisted of Erwin Harahap, Rinto's brother, Reynold Panggabean, Rizal Arsyad and Iskandar. Eventhough it has personnel changes, The Mercy’s achieved its glory in 1970s. The Mercy's released a lot of songs that hits in those days. Quite a lot of Indonesian singers are popular by bringing the Rinto’s songs, such as Nia Daniati, Iis Sugianto, Eddy Silitonga and Christin Panjaitan.


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