Welcome back to Music Corner, a musical segment which introduce you to an Indonesian music either traditional or modern ones . In today's edition we will present Nike Ardilla to you. before becoming a professional singer, Nike Ardilla who is familiarly called Nike often followed various singing festivals in Bandung. From the festivals she was discovered by renowned producer Deddy Dores who saw her talent and potential as a singer. Since then her career in the entertainment world began. Dedy Dores interested to promote Nike Ardilla in the Indonesian pop music industry at the time . Nike Ardilla with the song created by Dedy Dores was easy to reach the top of pop music industry in Indonesia with the song that brings success to her career entitled "Seberkas Sinar". Deddy Dores the reliable producer is able to donate the songs his composed  on the debut Nike album entitled "Seberkas Sinar" which sold 500,000 copies at that time. The album which was released in 1989 has a leading single with the same title with the album Seberkas Sinar, a song that you have just listened. Deddy Dores composed the song with slow rock genre that suitable to combine with Nike’s vocal. That song has popularized Nike Ardila to her peak of career . A number of albums arguably successfull in the market . Her songs have frequently reached the top of the chart in entire private radio broadcasts . Success with her singing career, Nike also expand her career to movie screen and she has successfully starred some of national films which most of them tells about teenage daily life . Unfortunately, she can not enjoy her career, at the top of her career, Nike experienced a tragic accident, which took her life . Nike left a memory with her songs which are still be enjoyed until nowadays .


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