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Alexa band, consisted of personnels who were former  personnel of various bands, initiated from the dreams of Satrio (the guitarist) and JMono (the bassist) to make a music project. They made it happen by inviting friends, Rizki (guitarist), Fajar (drummer), and Aqi (vocalist). Carrying pop and rock music, the Alexa Band officially entered the Indonesian music industry in 2008. Alexa's first work is a self-album entitled "Alexa" which contains 10 songs. With the main single "JANGAN PERNAH PERGI", Alexa successfully invited attention of Indonesian music lovers. Moreover, two other songs from the Alexa debut album also exploded in the market, namely JANGAN KAU LEPAS and DEWI. The music presented by Alexa presented quite diverse, ranging from the theme of sad, love and encouragement. Up to now, Alexa has released three albums, including "Edisi II" in 2010 and "Dulu, Kemarin, Sekarang" in 2015. Supported by their fans who call themselves Alexis, the Alexa band remain alive today. However, nine years of Alexa music career was not run smooth yet. Alexa experienced weak since its two personnel decided to leave. In 2011, Rizki chose to stop his music career to continue his education in Australia. Shortly after Rizki resigned Alexa Band has to lose Jmono, the bassist.  Until nowadays, Aqi, Satrio, and Fajar have no plan to find a replacement for Rizki and JMono. The three decided to stay in music while enjoying a friendship period.

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