MUSIC CORNER 13.09.2012
In today's edition, we will invite you to get to know the typical dances of Riau provinces. Riau derived from Portuguese language which means river. In 1514 there was a Portuguese military expedition tracing the Siak River, in order to seek a kingdom location which they believed to exist in the region and also to pursuit Sultan Mahmud Shah's followers who fled after the fall of Malacca. At the beginning of the 16th century, Tome Pires in his book, entitled "Suma Oriental" wrote that a cityon the east coast of Sumatra between Arcat (Aru and Rokan) to Jambi was a port of the king of Minangkabau. At that time many Minangkabau entrepreneurs founded trading villages along the Siak river, Kampar, Rokan, and Inderagiri. One of the most famous villages was Senapelan which later developed into Pekanbaru. Riau Province has a very strong Malay culture, as well as adapting the Malay culture in dance. Well listener, let's listen to the music of Tari Pembubung.

The next dance is Batin Kemuning dance. Batin is a call for the ruler of the country, it was happened during the Keritang kingdom in Kemuning area. In a few decades Keritang was ruled by a woman. The Dance depicting the excitement, unlike other Indonesian traditional dances. The dance has an agile movements accompanied by traditional music with fast beats. Malay culture embedded in the Riau people influence most traditional music in this area. Well listener, here's Kemuning dance of Riau Province.

The next typical dance from Riau Province is RENTAK BULIAN dance. Rentak Bulian is a ritual treatment, which is taken from the Rentak word and Bulian. Rentak means step, and Bulian which is the place of Bunian or spirits in the local language of Indragiri Hulu. RentakBulian dance has a strong atmosphere and magical elements, and prior to the dancer performance there are some things that need to be considered, especially by the dancers.  A ritual is performed before a dance performance. If it is not done, it the dancer will usually get harm or accident. In this way, the bodies of the dancers usually be in a state of ready to dance with sound record and will also be a media repellent reinforcements by supernatural beings. Usually the male dancers also be in a state of semi-conscious at the end of top dance. At the time the male dancers will solve mayang pinang young coconut (bakal kelapa) as a means of treatment, and they move surrounded the female dancers.


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