Music Corner 04.06.2013

Titim Fatimah was born in Deli, North Sumatra in 1938. At the age of 5 years old, she was brought back to her parents' hometown to Jalan Cagak, Subang, West Java. From childhood Titim’s talent have already been seen, then she continued to be guided by her father who was also adept at playing the harp and kawih Sunda. By her teens she explore’s the sinden world. Some sinden and Sundanese karawitan musicians she visited to learn, including Upit Sarimanah, famous sinden at that time. When she felt her knowledge is sufficient, then Titim came to RRI Bandung to be a sinden there. However, RRI Bandung rejected her. But because of a strong desire to succeed in the sinden world, Titim did not lose her courage, then through Tuteng Djauhari the leader of RRI Jakarta Sundanese arts group she had a gig in RRI Jakarta. Since then Titim”s name began to be known not only in West Java but also throughout Indonesia. In the peak of her career, in addition to being on the kliningan  and puppet show at West Java, Titim also was a regular performers at Pusat Jakarta Museum with his RRI Jakarta Studio Sundanese Arts group. Even President Sukarno often invited her group to the Palace for nyinden in front of the country’’s guest. At the peak of her career the pay she received could exceed the pay for famous pop singer at the time. She was the most popular sinden at that time and very success in financial. The money she got for her performance was used to build a primary school in Subang, her hometown by the name SD TITIM FATIMAH, which is still used to this day. her struggle in the art Sundanese world is exemplary. Because of her, the sinden’s prestige is then increased. Sinden Sunda is not only well known in West Java but also in the country. Because of her efforts, sinden’s dignity is lifted. For her contribution to the Sundanese culture, on February 23, 2003,the Indonesian President, Megawati Sukarnoputri bestowed Medal of Culture awards. As the appreciation to her service,  local government has also held pasanggiri sinden Sunda with entitled "Fatimah Titim Cup" in 2002 and 2004. Some Sundanese artists also suggested to make Titim Fatima’s sculpture or name a street after her name to honor her services.

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