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Rinto Harahap, Indonesian Legendary pop Singer

Music Corner May 11, 2015

Rinto Harahap is a singer, a songwriter, as well as a music producer. The Man who was born in Sibolga, North Sumatra, on March 10, 1949, was the founder of the The Mercy's group band. The group established in the 1970s consisted of Charles Hutagalung, Reynold Panggabean and Rinto Harahap.

Benci Tapi Rindu  is a pop song composed by Rinto Harahap and popularized by Diana Nasution. Then Rinto Harahap tried to sing this song with keroncong genre. Like  most of his work, the song is about love. It is about feelings of hatred and longing. Although it hurts, the feeling of longing is sometimes still present. That is love.
Throughout his career in the Indonesian entertainment industry, Rinto Harahap has composed many songs popularized by a number of Indonesian singers such as Nia Daniati, Betharia Sonata, Iis Sugianto and Eddy Silitonga. Rinto who was known with his mellow songs also has a recording company called Lolypop.

Young Rinto had a dream of becoming a doctor. But the reality of life and work took him dabbling in the music world. Before entering the studio, Rinto Harahap worked in a company and sang at some nightclubs. This productive composer died in Singapore, on February 9, 2015, due to spinal cancer.


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