The Zakies

MUSIC CORNER, 09.05.2015

Today’s edition, we’ll introduce you to a band, The Zakies. The first single of The Zakies entitled Something Different which was released in 2009. It consists of 10 songs. This album with Pop Rock genre reflects The Zakies’ music.   Zackie loves rock rhythm from America, while Dwin loves Brit Pop. The collaboration of the two genres can be heard through a song entitled Jantungku or my heart. There was a story about the history of The Zakies, They had a conflict about the music concept to be made so as making one of the personnel to resign from this band. That was the experience of Zacky. But, the spirit of this man who has typical voice did not dissolve the condition. His meeting with a guitarist from Palembang, Dwin, returned his musicality power  which  was empty. Then, he invited Rio (the drummer), and Yana (keyboardist) to establish a band which has rock genre.

The Zakies comes from the name Zackie. Before meeting with Rio and Yana, Zackie and Dwin often play music together. According to Zackie, The Zakies appeared because before he formed the band, he often performed as Zakie. As many people and music lovers have known his name, finally his friends chose the name of the band, The Zakies.

Op.                             : Lagu : Jantungku (03.54) – The Zakies

Op.                             : Lagu : Gila (04.06) – The Zakies

Op.: Lagu                  :  Tempat_yang_Abadi (04.42)  – The Zakies

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