MUSIC CORNER 14.05.2015

Agrikulture is an electronic band. With dance music nuance but not just focus on one genre of music. They take a lot of influences from rock, funk and reggae. Agrikulture is a process of combination live elements and electronic sound. They cling to the cross genre that eventually resulted Dawai Damai album.

Through the first single "Gossip" in collaboration with Indra Aziz who plays saxophone, Agrikulture want to show the basic color of the Dawai Damai album. Besides Indra Aziz those appear in the Gossip song also other artists such as Tika, Edo Wallad, Mario Nicholas, and Jason Tedjakusuma. From its name, the Agrikulture band has a philosophy, love their homeland, Indonesia as an agricultural country. The band consists of four young men such as Aditya (drums), Dipha (bassist), Fandy (vocalist) and Emil (guitarist) is hoping the country could again become an agricultural country as usual. The band is formed in 2003. Through the idealistic sense, Agrikulture reveals what is happening in our society as an idea in their works. One of the Agriculture works is to recycle song of Kompor Meleduk popularized by Benjamin S. According to Emil, the Agriculture’s guitarist, the song they sing when Jakarta stricken by floods.

Fandy and Emil bring a new feel to the Agrikulture music, both in the lyrics and arrangements. With this format makes their image into the Electronic Band through a combination of Playback and Live Performance and Video Art Performance. In fostering their music with the fans, Agrikulture always takes care of them through social networks.  The Agrikulture fans call the band as Agraris. In one of the songs entitled Cinta-cintaan,  they want to say that all the songs in the world is definitely about love In a universal language they want to convey that the love song is for happiness and fun.

Op.Studio : Lagu: Gossip (03:48): agrikulture.

Op.Studio : Kompor Meleduk (04:45) – agrikulture.

OP.STUDIO: lagu: Cinta-Cintaan (05,12) – Agrikulture.

Op.Studio: Lagu: New Day (04.12) -– Agrikulture.

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