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Tri Novianti - keroncong

MUSIC CORNER 18-05-2015

Biola Kaca song tells about a beautiful memory of a person in the past time. The melodious strains of the violin always reminds him of the lover who performed the song accompanied by violin.  The song was composed for someone who has gone for ever. The prayer hopes he always be happy there. This song is sung very well by Tri Novianti. Her melodious voice makes this song enjoyable.// In the past, Tri Novianti was one of  a singer who often performed at the keroncong songs  in TVRI.

After shackled so long by longing, now a letter comes from the lover  who has been waited. A feeling of happiness has gone immeasurably. But what about to say, no letters or news story, there is only a mere envelope. This song is well sung by Wiwit Sunarto. Her voice is soft, fits perfectly with the kroncong rhythm.


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