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Denada Elizabeth Anggia Ayu Tambunan

MUSIC CORNER, 15.05.2015

Denada Elizabeth Anggia Ayu Tambunan, who is more known as Denada, is a Batak or North Sumatran singer and actress who was born in Jakarta. Denada is the first child of Rio Tambunan and Emilia Contessa who were top-notch singers in Indonesia in 1970s. Denada was born in Jakarta, December 19, 1978 started her career as a rap singer in 1990-an. As her career was rising, he left her career as a rap singer and continued to study in Australia.

After coming back from Australia, Denada started her again in the national music industry, but with different genre, which is dangdut. Her songs successfully led her to win some awards including from Indonesian Music Awards and MTV Indonesia Awards in 2005. Besides, Denada tries acting world by starring sinetron or soap opera entitled “Hari-hari Mau”, “Nyari Bini”, “Rahasia Ilahi” and “Cahaya Surga”. Her dangdut songs gained success and even got nominated in some music awards.


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