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MUSIC CORNER, 19.05.2015

Welcome back in Music Corner, a musical segment which introduce you to Indonesian original music, either traditional or modern ones. In today’s edition, we present you Letto group Band. One of the band which is popular in Indonesia’s pop music industry.

It is certainly not known when Letto music group was formed, but the personnel are close friends since high school. It was said that the band was formed in 2004. The group music was originally schoolmates of the students of Senior High School no 7 Yogyakarta, who had long been separated, due to their business in college.  They finally met again and worked together. The personel of the group band from the Gudeg city, Yogjakarta are  Noe (Sabrang Mowo Damar Panuluh, was born in Yogyakarta June 10, 1979), Patub (Agus Riyono, Yogyakarta, August 2, 1979), Arian (Ari Prastowo, Bantul March 27, 1979), and Dhedot (Dedi Riyono, was born in Yogyakarta on January 23, 1987). Their first album entitled TRUTH, CRY, AND LIE which was released in 2006. But earlier Letto has also released  ‘PILIH” album in 2004, but by then the name of the group is still Leto (with one T). Letto’s (with double T) first album was awarded the category 'Album Newcomer' in the CTV Music Award 2007 event, and also received an award as the best music group in the Planet Muzik 2007 in Singapore on June 8, 2007.  

Letto released the second album entitled “DO NOT MAKE ME SAD” on August 16, 2007. Sebelum Cahaya song which music video is starring by Amanda, a deaf model is the main song in the album. Letto’s popularity is also spreaded to the neighboring country, Malaysia. Some of their songs; Ruang Rindu  and Sandaran Hati were successful to occupy the top ten chart on several radio stations in Malaysia. Letto also decided to release an album of TRUTH, CRY, AND LIE in the Malaysia music market on July, 23, 2007. On January 2009, Letto released the third album, LETHOLOGICA which is a candidate single of Lubang Di Hati. Process of the album that contains 12 songs was only three months, from September to December 2009.  Now they rarely appear on TV shows, the more often appeared on stage, their last performances were in Yogya, Tuban and Taiwan. Recently, the band composed an anthem for Indonesian football team U-19. Could the song entitled Hati Garuda being LETTO’s early comeback?

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