Welcome back in Music Corner, a musical segment which introduces you to Indonesian original music, either traditional or modern ones. In today’s edition, we present you some good musicians and singers among other SUHATE group Band, a female singer Alyssa Subandono and a male singer Aldisyah. We first introduce you SUHATE group. Suhate music group is from Jakarta and consists of 5 personnel, they are Fadhly, AIY, Om Bow, Mamz, and Dens which carry alternative pop music with the feel of the 70s. SUHATE, comes with their debut single entitled “Cinta Kau Begitu Indah”. An energetic rhythmic song with the feel of the '70s.  It is unique but still in a sweet and modern packaging.

After SUHATE, we introduce you Alyssa Soebandono who has released  a first single entitled “Cerita Cinta Kita”. In 2010, Alyssa Soebandono who is better known as a an TV series actress and advertising model also tries her luck in the world of singing. Cerita Cinta Kita, her first single is about adolescent love and aided by a reliable Tompi Jazz singer whose name is already recognized in the Indonesia music.

Now we introduce you the other singer Aldisyah.  Aldisyah’s full name is Marandry Latuihamallo. He was born on May,15,1985. After going through a long process, Aldisyah finally released his first solo album under the banner of the GreenMusic Foundation and distributed by RPM. The album is also supporting the movement of "Voice of The East" (VOTE), which was initiated by Glenn Fredly for humanitarian movement in Indonesia, especially in the eastern part of Indonesia. In the Kacamata album, Aldisyah pours all forms of love of music by working on every process and detail there in. Ranging from composing the song, arrangement, to pack it in music and assisted by several guest musicians, rappers and a singer.

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