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Ria Amelia - Abang Sayang

MUSIC CORNER 22.05.2015

Ria Amelia was born in Jakarta, May 17, 1983. Ria is a singer who is the first to popularize the song “SMS”. Ria who has Minang or West Sumatran blood began her career as house dangdut singer by releasing the first album entitled “Layu Dalam Bathin” in 2005. One year later, in 2006 she released the second album with the song “SMS” which gained success.

The song “SMS” led Ria Amelia to fame in the national dangdut music industry. Ria sings not only dangdut songs, but also slow rock, pop, and pop Minang songs. From here, Ria Amelia made various accomplishment including Top 10 Best Male/Female Solo Artist at Ikon Award ASEAN 2007, Global TV, 2 trophies at AMI Awards in 2010, top 5 nominees at AMI Awards 2010 for Best Traditional Song Performance with the song “Gampo Di Ranah Minang”, top 5 nominees at AMI Awards 2011 for Best Traditional Song Artist with the song “Pulanglah Uda” and top 5 nominees at AMI Awards 2012 for Best Solo Artist in Traditional Song Production with the song “Cinto Jan Dibali”. Well listeners, to end the program, here are more songs by Ria Amelia entitled “Abang Sayang” and “Biarlah Aku Mengalah”.




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