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Sri Widadi. Sepasang Mata Bola

Music Corner May 25, 2015

In today’s edition, I’ll introduces you an Indonesia female singer, Sri Widadi. Sepasang Mata Bola was composed by an Indonesian composer, Ismail Marzuki. ‘Melati Di Tapal Batas, and “Gugur Bunga were other two songs composed by Ismail Marzuki with nationalism and heroism nuances. The song, Sepasang Mata Bola tells about  the admiration to the hero.
Sri Widadi’s name is more familiar with keroncong, although she also has set her foot in the pop music world in the country. Her name is coupled with the big names of the 70s singers such asToto Salmon, Dedy Damhudi and Ida Rashid. Her name is still fluttering when new names such as Tuti Maryati and Sundari Sukoco were present in keroncong music world. Her musical career remained constant and stable running following the change. She lived like singing a plaintive melody, slowly but surely. Keroncong has indeed been a breath of life for the woman who was born in Solo. Since childhood, keroncong music has been familiar for her. Her father was a melody player in a keroncong group that routinely performed in various  events in Solo and its surroundings. Sri Widadi often accompany her father in the shows. She was pleased with the crowds and chanting songs like keroncong which were played by her father and his friends. Gado-Gado Jakarta song tells about one Indonesian food, namely Gado-Gado. Betawi typical rhythm is dominant in this song.

Her habits to accompany her father has brought Sri Widadi to participate in the various competitions. She moved to Jakarta after winning the Surabaya Pop Singer competition and then in the East Java Province in 1974. In the mid 70s, her name has been increasingly known in the Indonesian music world, especially keroncong music. She often performed with popular singers like Toto Salmon. Sri claimed she enjoyed a heyday as a singer. According to her, the world of entertainment in those days was much different from the world of entertainment today, where the artist lived simply. Her love to keroncong does not disappear even though the music is not rewarded glamorous life.  She acknowledges the ups and downs, but almost all of her path have been along with keroncong. Sri said the gentle strains of keroncong , can cure tiredness. She remained faithful to practice keroncong to always be ready when there is an offer to sing. Disorders of the thyroid gland which was attacked in 2007, did not alter the quality of Sri’ voice to singing. Her voice  remains melodious and achieve a steady high-pitched tone. Her life is for Keroncong and her children. Two things that keep her happy.


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