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Wizzy's real name is Wiliana Saraswaty. She was a runner up of the Mama Mia singing contest in 2008 held by an Indonesian private television station Indosiar . Since at the time Wizzy has seriously developed her talent in singing and moved from her hometown Surabaya to Jakarta . In mid 2010, Wizzy released her single entitled Tak Ku Sesali, composed by Fahim Gift .

Wizzy was born in Surabaya East Java on June 14th 1994 . Since she was 9 years old, Wizzy has followed a number of singing festivals in Surabaya . Since at the time, she got hundreds of trophies . Another achievement was become the best vocalist at the band festival among Indonesian musical schools . Besides, Wizzy also played on advertisement of various commercial products . She also played in some TV musical drama serials such as Semua Sayang Annisa produced by Indosiar and You and Me of Global TV . While she hosted a TV program “Klik” at ANTV, jointly with Melani Ricardo and Kemal . In early 2011, Wizzy joined in a compilation album on Peace on Earth managed by an Indonesian musician Badai Kerispatih . Wizzy dedicated a song Air Mata Terakhir composed by Badai . The Peace on Earth album was a humanitarian album which consists of 12 songs .  The album was the realization of concern toward disasters that occurred in Indonesia . Especially for the song Air Mata Terakhir, it tells about tears of people of entire Indonesia and fully hope there will be no other disasters hampering the country .

The Wonder Woman consists of beautiful singers Muthia and Aiko . They have been known as model . The two Muthia and Aiko are a close friend and they have similar wishes to be a singer. Wonder Woman released the first single “Tak Mungkin” composed by Irul FM in a pop catchy music which combined love lyrics and dynamical music . The name Wonder Woman was taken from a simple reason. Regarding Muthia and Aiko are the women who have various talents not only in music but also in fashion and another entertainment industry . So that they take the name “Wonder Woman” for their duo  .


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