Eka May Linda

MUSIC CORNER 29.05.2015

Eka May Linda is an Indonesian dangdut singer born on May 29, 1982 in Jakarta. In early November 2009, Melinda, as she is usually called, released the first single entitled “Cinta Satu Malam”. The single carries dangdut house music genre which is familiar to the young. Besides, Melinda also arranged the song of S9nbilan Band entitled “Ada Bayangmu” into dangdut house.

In addition to singing dangdut, Melinda also tried acting world. She got a chance to play in a horror movie. Melinda starred some sinetron or soap operas aired in Malaysia and Singapore too. One of achievement of Melinda as a dangdut singer was when she was appointed as Culture Ambassador in 2008. After gaining success in dangdut music, now Melinda turns into pop music because she sees it as a new challenge for the singer who looks up to Indonesian divas Ruth Sahanaya and Vina Panduwinata.



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