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Serunai, Traditional Musical Instrument from West Sumatra

VOI KNOW OUR MUSIC 02-06-2015 

West Sumatra is one of provinces inIndonesia. It lies on the west coast of the island of Sumatra. Its capital is Padang. One of traditional music of West Sumatra is serunai or puput serunai. The musical instrument is usually played in traditional events, such as wedding ceremony, etc. It is also played individually when harvest season comes or accompanied by other instruments, such as talempong, gendang etc. Listener, let’s listen to another rhythm of serunai. 

Puput Serunai is made of rice stalk, wood or bamboo, bufallo’s horn or coconut leaf.  Puput serunai is divided into three parts, namely the sound arranger, puput and the funnel. The sound arranger is made from capo ringkik wood or talang bamboo. The size is about a thumb. Capo ringkik or A shrub is a small to medium-sized woody plant. It is distinguished from a tree by its multiple stems and shorter height, usually under 6 m tall. Capo ringkik, its wood is hard but the inside is soft, so easily perforated. It is about 20 cm long, has 4 holes and has distance two and a half cm. It has function to arrange the rhythm. The tone is only do-re-mi-fa-sol or called pentatonic melody. This tone is usual on Minang traditional instrument. While puput or the part which is blown, is made from wood or bamboo or old rice stalk.  There is a connection which functions as a base point of puput. It is around 5 cm long, made of hard wood. This connection is perforated for respiratory tract, which is continuous with the body axis and the axis of the funnel. Behind the connection there is also a form of funnel with diameter of 2 cm. The next part is the funnel. It has big form and functions to increase the volume. This part is usually made from wood or buffalo’s horn or entwined coconut leaf. It is around 10 until 12 cm long, and diameter 6 cm. In making serunai, there are specifications that vary in each region. Listener, that was the music of Minangkabau traditional instruments.  




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