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Panting Music From South Kalimantan

KNOW OUR MUSIC 16-06-2015 

Panting is traditional music from Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan province.  Panting is taken from Banjar language, namely Mamanting or picking up. In the past, Panting music was used to accompany oral theater such as Baandi-andi or monologue story telling. In the development era, panting music can also accompany dances or traditional songs of South Kalimantan. It is called Panting music because it is dominated by musical instruments called Panting, a kind of gambus using panting or strings, so it is called Panting music. Panting music came from Tapin, South Kalimantan. Panting is stringed musical instrument which looks like gambus a short-necked lute that originated in Yemen and spread throughout the Arabian Peninsula, but its size is smaller. The person who firstly called it Panting music, was A. Sarbaini. And until now Panting music is well known as traditional music from South Kalimantan. In the past, panting instrument was only played individually or in a solo. But, in the development era, Panting instrument is more interesting if it is played together with other musical instruments such as babun, gong, and violin. Based on its performance, Panting is a mixture of ensemble music consisting of various musical instruments. Panting performance usually uses 3 Panting instruments, added with other instruments. Panting music is also called Japin when its performance is accompanied by a dance. Panting music is played to accompany songs which are usually in poem lyrics, advice and also humorous rhyme. Panting music players consist of men and women players. The men sit cross-legged, while the women sit on their knees. 




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