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Sumiati - Kicir Kicir

Music Corner,  June 22, 2015.

To celebrate the 488th Anniversary of Jakarta, in today’s edition I present several  Betawi Keroncong songs . This song is not only popular in Jakarta but also known in other parts of Indonesia. This song is often sung at official occasions in municipalities and national level. Although it is not known for certain the name of its composer, but the popularity of this song is not less.  The lyrics of regional songs usually depart from the philosophy of life that thrive in the community. Whatever is the reason, most people are singing to entertain themselves. Likewise with this Kicir- kicir song. The lyrics of the song was written by adopting the style of the poem, which is rooted in the customs and culture of Betawi people. andar Jakarta is a song that tells the beauty of one side of Jakarta city, the coastal areas in the Jakarta Bay. Thousand Islands, and fishermen started fishing activities, become a beautiful scenery to be missed at dusk ahead. Jakarta with all its beauty is always able to attract a lot of people from various regions in Indonesia to stay and settle in the city. However, residents of Jakarta can live peacefully.

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