Jefri Al Buchori

MUSIC CORNER 26.06.2015

Jefri Al Buchori or popularly called as Ustad Uje was born in Jakarta, April 12, 1973 and died in Jakarta, April 26, 2013 at the age of 40. He was a preacher, singer and actor. Uje died of accident in Pondok Indah, South Jakarta at 2 am. He hit a tree after losing control while riding a motorbike Kawasaki ER-6n with the plate number of B 3590 SGQ. Uje was brought to Pondok Indah Hospital and Fatmawati Hospital, but he couldn’t be saved. Ustadz Jeffry was buried at Karet Bivak Cemetery, Tengsin, Central Jakarta. When he was still alive, he was a preacher who performed in a familiar style to the young generation.

The journey of Uje as a preacher was so long. Little Uje has got a strong Islamic education. After finishing study at elementary school, Uje continued his study to Pon Daar El- Qolam Gintung Islamic Boarding School. He was then dropped out of the school because of his naughtiness. He moved to Madrasah Aliyah – MA which is the same level as senior high school. However, he was getting naughtier. Uje did not change his attitude until his mother asked him to perform umroh or small hajj with his brother. Uje preached for the first time in a mosque in Mangga Dua, Central Jakarta. Since then, Uje started preaching at majelis taklim (Islamic study group), mushola (small mosque), mosque and TV. In addition, Uje delivered his preach through Islamic songs. His debut album, Lahir Kembali, was released in 2006. He composed several songs and performed the songs with Islamic religious singers like Opick and even Ungu  in the band’s mini album  Para Pencari-Mu (2007).

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