Music Corner June 29, 2015

Payung Fantasi is a song composed by Ismail Marzuki, a great Indonesia composer, who also created a number of national songs. His name is immortalized as an art, Taman Ismail Marzuki (TIM) in Salemba, Central Jakarta. This song contains the lyrics which is a praise for the beauty and elegance of women. Cheerful rhythm of the song is more charmingly presented by Safitri in keroncong genre. Although she is best known as a singer who sings the Java songs, Safitri is capable of singing keroncong with modern touches and enjoyable.

This song tells the story of a man who has long met with her lover and felt a deep longing. Until one day a letter came from her lover. But how disappointed and distressed she is when she knows it is just envelope.

Safitri is a singer of Javanese songs who then enjoys to sing old songs which were repackaged with keroncong music with a modern twist. Since 2009 she has released several keroncong albums in Lounge. Her voice is soft indulging the senses of hearing with the accompaniment instrument of ukulele, violin and flute. Keroncong which was previously identified as the songs of the old age, is sung by Safitri with soft and suitable voice which can be enjoyed by young listeners. In 2009, Safitri launched the Infinite Heritage vol.1 and vol.2 Albums, and Cross Culture in 2010, and  Reviling Sween Romance in 2012. Uniquely the keroncong songs sung by Safitri in lounge, are not only in Indonesian language, but also a number of songs in English language. The songs include Beautiful Girl, Its Now Or Never and Cant Help Falling Love.

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