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KNOW OUR MUSIC 11-08-2015

Rindik is a simple instrument made from some pieces of bamboo. Its tone is based on laras slendro. Slendro  is a pentatonic scale,  It is one of the two most common scales (laras) used in Indonesian gamelan music. This instrument has become Balinese characteristic and identity in international world. No wonder, rindik becomes one of cultural legacies which also enriches the Indonesian national legacy. For Balinese people, the making process of Rindik has life philosophy. Previously, rindik was made to entertain farmers at the fields. Usually, rindik put on ranggon, a kind of stilt hut at the rice fields in Bali. The farmers played rindik while keeping their rice fields from birds. Various kinds of songs were created as gratitude on the God’s blessings. Rindik is as entertainment instrument because Balinese people believe that nature is very connected with the soul. The calm and happy soul will make the harvest abundant.  

To play rindik instrument is very easy. To play this instrument is by beating it with special rindik beater made from fiber or bamboo and the base of the pelvis is made of wood while the end of the pelvis is made of round and thick rubber material.  We can hear rindik rhythm which is soft and classic if beaten with special rindik beater. If rindik is beaten with another beater, rindik will break easily and causes its voice corrupted and does not sound good. There are some ways to play rindik. First, by using two hands where the function of the two hands is different, namely the right hand plays ‘kotekan’ and the left hand plays melody. If the playing of the two hands is combined, it will produce beautiful sound. Secondly, there is beating technique which is named “ngundil” held by the left hand of sangsih player which is like beating technique of Jegog on Bumbung dance. Rindik can also be collaborated with other traditional instruments, such as flute. By development technology, rindik becomes luxurious instrument and can be collaborated with modern instruments. 



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