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Know Our Music: Pakacaping

KNOW OUR MUSIC 22-09-2015

Pakacaping or Kecapi is one of traditional musical instruments from South Sulawesi Province.  It has a boat shape with two strings. Etymologically,  Pakacaping derives from two words namely “pa” and “Kacaping”. Pa means player and Kacaping means harp, so that pakacaping means traditional instrument which can be played by one person or more in pairs while singing by way of unrequited poem or called by akkelong  in Makasar language.  Previously, Pakacaping was an instrument to entertain one self in a spare time. The player enjoyed kobbi’-kobbi’na  or the music which is played without listener.  But in its development, Pakacaping is a performance art in assua’-sara’ tradition or party. For Gowa people of South Sulawesi, for example, Pakacaping cannot be separated from a'gau-gau tradition. Art performances held in every traditional ceremony is part of a spirit to welcome and to honor every person who comes to attend the ceremony.

To play kacaping, a player usually sits cross-legged and takes on lap the harp facing the audiences by wearing patonro or headband, balla dada clothe, baroci pant and sarong which is tied on waist.  Technique of picking, improvisation and performance as well as beautiful vocal will attract the audiences to reply the song of Pakacaping.


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